Recruit AI Squadmates to increase your tactical flexibility

You can choose from a variety of Squadmates to accompany you into combat. Squadmates come in a variety of classes and you can evolve them (level, stats, abilities, gear and weapons).

Each Squadmate has its own AI behavior; initially they will have basic combat tactics and abilities, but over time the goal is for them to be upgradeable with more advanced abilities and tactics.

Careful Squadmate roster management, selective progression and mixing & matching will be required to take down your enemies.


Squadmates are driven by Carbonated’s proprietary AI and capable of basic combat maneuvers by themselves (e.g., positioning, grabbing cover, shooting the enemy)

Establish battlefield dominance by mastering “Command Mode”, a special tactical view that enables you to unleash your squadmates abilities at crucial moments to win the fight

Beyond combat, Squadmates can perform other functions, such as pillaging supplies, in order to capture supplies faster.


Medics: Medpack, Revive
Snipers: Marked Shot
Assault: Flashbang
Assassin: Throwing knives
Heavy: Armor Piercing
Demolitionist: Detpack
Flamethrower guy: 🔥
More to be announced!


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