MadWorld is a free-to-play mobile game with optional web3 ownership of NFTs with in-game utility.

You are a Survivor of The Collapse, and you can rebuild society the way you see fit, starting with your hometown. At its core, MadWorld is a third person shooter that you play with friends, across a variety of maps and game modes, against enemies all over the world. There’s real-time co-op PVE, and you can also engage in asynchronous Clan vs Clan multiplayer PVP to control global territory. But you don’t have to go at it alone. You can recruit and evolve a variety of AI squadmate classes, each with unique abilities, and lead them into battle. In combat, use Command Mode to execute your squadmate’s abilities to give yourself an edge. You’ll be fighting in multiple environments around the world, from rural to urban, and both familiar and new game modes like Pillage, MadWorld’s take on resource extraction. Along the way you’ll discover rare blueprints to build up your squad’s arsenal with exotic weapons and gear, to meet every tactical situation. 

In MadWorld, the whole Planet Earth is up for grabs and you can fight to control every hex that you see. So why fight in Territory War? Conquering land in MadWorld is more than expanding your empire; it’s about giving you an edge versus other Survivors.  Each territory hex provides unique combat bonuses, like enhanced defense or increased damage, rare blueprint drops and access to scarce resources vital for crafting the best gear. Once you control the hex, you can further increase its bonuses by adding structures to it.

Closed Beta will be announced in Q2 2024. MadWorld will be released in 2024.

You’ll need to reach the Survivor Outpost. Please follow us @playmadworld on Twitter and on Discord for further updates.

First, thank you for signing up! You will receive a confirmation email from [email protected]. If you didn’t receive a confirmation, please email us at [email protected].

Early Access (Closed Beta) will be announced in Q2 2024. There may be additional requirements (device, country, etc.) for each Beta test that will be announced during that time.


There are multiple Web3 elements being considered for MadWorld.

You can own the land hexes on which players are fighting, and influence the outcome of Territory Wars by providing strategic land bonuses to players in exchange for Tribute. Land will be tradeable on a web3 marketplace and upgradeable with Monuments, in order to provide higher bonuses and in exchange get more Tribute.

Additionally, blueprints, buildings, squadmates, weapons and gear could become Web3 enabled.

Madworld offers a flexible gameplay experience, allowing Survivors to enjoy its immersive world with or without engaging in blockchain technology. For players who want to enjoy blockchain ownership benefits, you’ll hold your game assets in a Web3 wallet, and you can trade them for real-world digital currency on a web3 marketplace.

Specific Web3 gameplay features are pending Early Access feedback, and will run on the XPLA blockchain. Additional Web3 partnerships (eg, web3 marketplace) will be announced shortly.

Land ownership is a unique and exciting feature of MadWorld- you can own your actual hometown, and even own major real world cities like Paris and Dubai. Owning land on-chain provides valuable benefits, primarily in the form of Tribute payments from Clans looking to unlock gameplay bonuses in global Territory War. Land owners can further increase their Tribute by combining Monuments to their land (which increases the bonuses directly) or burning Monuments to their land (which increases the number of structure slots).

Tribute is paid in Rounds, an in-game currency that players can acquire through specific gameplay, IAP or rewarded video, of which there’s a fixed supply at any given time. To maintain and increase Tribute benefits, Landowners can sink Rounds into their land. Rounds can be converted to a future on-chain token, which is pending Early Access feedback from players.

Land can be acquired via an upcoming mint on a web3 marketplace that will be announced @playmadworld on Twitter and on Discord.

Monuments are special structures that increase gameplay bonuses and Tribute to landowners. They can be burned to land, which consumes the monument, unlocks a special structure slot and raises the rarity of the land. For example, if you own Paris, which comes with five structure slots, you can burn a monument to Paris, unlock a special sixth structure and open a new source of Tribute that can be collected from gameplay progression users.

 Monuments can also be combined to land, increasing specific gameplay bonuses. Monuments do not raise land rarity when combined, but do add a unique bonus that modifies some or all of the structure bonuses on that land. For example, a movement Monument can be combined to land, increasing all structure’s bonuses applicable to player speed.

Monuments have different rarity levels, and resulting bonus impact. For example a common monument might only provide 1% incremental bonus, but an exotic monument could provide up to a 5% incremental bonus. Monuments will be available via an upcoming mint on a web3 marketplace. More information will be announced @playmadworld on Twitter and on Discord.

You’ll need to reach the Survivor Outpost, which will be announced @playmadworld on Twitter and on Discord.


Sign the creed. For existing members, go to Channels & Roles in the MadWorld Discord Server. Additional roles will become available via the Survivor Outpost.

Not at this time. We will reach out on an individual basis for moderator opportunities.