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Six months after The Collapse, violence is currency.

MadWorld’s core gameplay is a third person shooter that you can play with friends across a variety of maps and game modes. Along the way you’ll discover rare blueprints to build up your arsenal with exotic weapons and gear, to meet every tactical situation. 

How to play


You don’t have to go at it alone.

In Madworld you can recruit seven different classes of squadmates (with more to come), evolve them, and bring them into battle. Use the right class combos to overcome specific tactical situations.  Master “Command Mode”, a special battlefield view, and unleash your squadmate’s abilities to win the fight.

Class types


Defend your hometown and build your empire.

Start by claiming your hometown, then expand to dominate your country and the world. Craft structures and monuments to enhance your territory and reap powerful bonuses. But you’ll need to be vigilant against rival survivors.

Get land