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MadWorld blurs the line between real world and post-apocalyptic gameplay, by dropping you into Earth, six months after The Collapse. As a Survivor, you’ll start by defending your actual hometown and then carve out your own empire. Fight with friends in a third person shooter, recruit and evolve AI squadmates, and join a clan to battle for real world control. Wherever you’re playing from, MadWorld’s immersive post-apocalyptic missions are personalized to you, in your language and location. Developed by Carbonated and backed by top investors including a16z, BITKRAFT Ventures, Golden Ventures, and Com2uS, MadWorld launches on iOS and Android in 2024.

High Stakes Third Person Shooter meets Strategic Map Gameplay

MadWorld is a third person shooter that you can play with friends across a variety of maps and game modes, against enemies all over the world. At its core, there’s real-time co-op PVE, and you can also engage in asynchronous Clan vs Clan multiplayer PVP to control global territory. You’ll be fighting in multiple environments around the world, from rural to urban, and both familiar and new game modes like Pillage, MadWorld’s take on resource extraction. Along the way you’ll discover rare blueprints to build up your arsenal with exotic weapons and gear, to meet every tactical situation. 

The big twist? You don’t have to go at it alone; you can recruit, level up, and bring different classes of AI squadmates into battle. The seven classes of squadmates include:  Medic, Heavy, Assault, Sniper, Assassin, Flamethrower, and Demolitionist, with more to come. Each class offers unique tactical advantages, allowing you to tailor your squad composition to different missions. Upgrading these squadmates enhances your combat effectiveness, enabling you to tackle tougher challenges and secure more valuable territories. Establish battlefield dominance by mastering “Command Mode”, a special tactical view that enables you to unleash your squadmates abilities at crucial moments to win the fight.

But it’s not all about direct combat. You can also go deep into map strategy- fight in wars to expand your territory, craft structures for your clan, and deploy your squad, all without ever firing a shot. Want the worldwide prestige of controlling the most territory and access to the rarest blueprints? Team up with friends and fight in Clan Wars against Survivors around the world. Social dynamics in MadWorld play a pivotal role in your journey as a Survivor. Forming or joining a clan isn’t just about camaraderie; it’s a strategic decision that opens up new gameplay avenues. Clans can collectively conquer territories, share resources, and participate in exclusive Clan Wars for prestigious rewards. Social interactions extend to alliances and rivalries with other clans, adding a layer of depth to your strategic decisions. These social elements not only enrich the MadWorld experience but also provide tangible benefits like strategic support in battles, and access to clan-exclusive resources. If you’re ready to choose your arsenal, plan your territory strategy or find a local clan of like-minded individuals, head to @playmadworld.


Fight to control territory and build your empire

In MadWorld, Planet Earth is your map. You can fight to control every hex that you see- starting with your real life hometown and beyond. So why fight to take land? Conquering land in MadWorld is more than geographic expansion; it’s about giving you an edge versus other Survivors. Each territory you control offers unique combat bonuses, like enhanced defense or increased damage, and access to scarce resources vital for crafting the best gear. Controlling more land also means a higher ranking on global leaderboards, showcasing your strategic prowess and achievements. 

As you expand your territory, you’ll discover rare blueprints you can use to increase your power. Using blueprints to create structures increases the value and defensibility of your land. You’ll also find blueprints for crafting hard hitting weapons and gear for your squad. You’ll need to power up, because in MadWorld, old feuds have ignited into open conflict, and you’ll need to defend your empire from enemy Survivors near and far.

Own land and get Tribute

Land ownership is a unique and exciting feature of MadWorld- you can own your actual hometown, and even own major real world cities like Paris and Dubai.  Owning land provides valuable benefits, primarily in the form of Tribute payments from Clans looking to unlock gameplay bonuses in global territory war. Land owners can further increase their Tribute by acquiring and attaching Monuments to their land. MadWorld’s real world land ownership experience extends beyond mere pixels on a server; you can evolve and trade your digital goods, recorded on a secure digital ledger, for real-world digital currency on the Marketplace.  Madworld offers a flexible gameplay experience, allowing Survivors to enjoy its immersive world with or without engaging in blockchain technology. The digital asset ownership layer in MadWorld is powered by XPLA, a pioneering game-focused blockchain network. Com2uS and Com2uS Holdings are participating in the XPLA mainnet as genesis contributor. 

Developed by Carbonated, powered by Carbyne

In MadWorld, you battle for your home town, wherever you’re from. Playing from New York’s Hell’s Kitchen? See if you can protect your corner bodega. Who’s got control of Seoul? Find out locally in Korean. Defending a German town? We’ve got you. But this isn’t just for major cities like San Francisco and Paris. Every hex you tap on has a backstory, with familiar landmarks, and in your local language. And we do this 250,000 times for every neighborhood, city, country, on the entire planet. How does it work? This is all powered by our platform ‘Carbyne’ which uses some $@!%ing awesome Live-Ops and GenAI tech, to create a Mad…WORLD of content to explore. Don’t believe any of this? Join Early Access to check it out.

Who’s Carbonated? They’re a small veteran team of ex-EA & Sony game devs who love cool new tech. MadWorld is their dream game. Carbonated is proud to be backed by the best names in gaming, including a16z, BITKRAFT Ventures, Golden Ventures, Com2uS, Cypher Capital, Blocore, Goal Ventures, and WAGMI.

For all the latest updates, make sure you’re following @playmadworld where our narrator ‘The Voice’, will keep you up to speed with the latest in game content, and development news. If you’re ready to fight for your share of Post-Collapse Earth, get ready to take back your hometown, start planning your squad strategy, and sign up for early access at

Got questions, need more details, or are wondering what the Carbonated team is all about? They’re just an email away at [email protected] for any info, press stuff, or if you’re just looking to set up a chat.

Venture Deals

Carbonated, a Los Angeles, Calif.-based video game studio developing a globally interactive mobile game, raised $11 million in Series A funding. Com2uS led the round and was joined by a16zBITKRAFT VenturesCypher CapitalBlocoreGoal Ventures, and WAGMI.

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