Land is one of the main gameplay features of MadWorld, and provides the long term aspiration for Clans via Territory Control, and prestige for Land Owners via land utility.

The Territory Control layer is connected to the Land Ownership layer by Tribute, which is Clans paying resources down to Land Owners in order to unlock valuable Land Bonuses.

Top Layer: Territory Control

The upper layer of Land is gameplay focused, and consists of Clans fighting vs other Clans to in order control valuable Land Bonuses to help them advance in War and other gameplay features such as the ability to craft rare and powerful blueprints.

Bottom Layer: Land Ownership

The bottom layer of Land is based around ownership and Land utility. Land Owners can increase the prestige (i.e., value) of their Land by upgrading its gameplay utility to improve its Bonuses and Tribute.

Territory Control & Ownership are connected by: Tribute

In order to unlock the Land Bonuses, Clans must pay Tribute down to the Land Owner who owns the Land that Clans are battling to control. Tribute consists of a combination of Web2 and Web3 resources, and the amount is driven by the prestige of the Land.

Controlling Territory

“The greatest happiness is to vanquish your enemies, to chase them before you, to rob them of their wealth”



The ultimate goal of Clan War is to control territory

Controlling Territory is one of the most difficult and rewarding accomplishments a group of players can tackle in MadWorld.

Controlling territory provides access to powerful rewards

  • Unlock valuable Land Bonuses: resources drips such as supplies or fuel or offensive / defensive bonuses
  • Gain access to special buildings e.g., high level crafting Workshops
  • Earn bragging rights and Prestige – a special elder currency that will have its own special set of rewards


Summary of Territory Control

  • Clans Control Territory
  • Clans wage war to take Control of their Territory
  • Controlling Territory enables special Territory Bonuses that help Clans make progress and gain power in MadWorld
  • Controlling Adjacent territory gives your Clan a better chance of spawning special Survival Zone events where you can earn powerful Blueprints to craft the most exclusive gear in the game


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